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Actor. Writer. Singer.
Composer. Instrumentalist.


Shelley Q is an actress and singer who was born and raised on a farm in Western Australia. After gaining local fame as a singer and performer (frequently taking the stage during halftime at AFL games), Shelley broke through to an international audience landing the lead role of Karissa in the US social media thriller film 1 Million Followers, after responding to a world-wide casting call. With her film debut around the corner, she is a star on the rise as an exciting new face to the American film industry.

Shelley delights in the wonders of the unknown. An avid solo traveler, she has lived, created and worked in numerous countries, from some of the largest cities to isolated tropics of the world, embracing the spirit of the locals wherever she goes.


Shelley was born a performer. As a child and growing up in the outback, she danced and sung at any opportunity she could. Her creative spark came to life when she discovered the film Walk The Line as a little girl, completely in awe at Joaquin Phoenix’s ability to emulate Johnny Cash. Inspired, she then taught herself the guitar and began entertaining elderly residents at nursing homes, with impersonations of Johnny Cash, and Michael Jackson, at age 10.


She threw herself deeper into the creative space after earning a scholarship to attend the Australian Convention of Actors and Artists in 2018, where she earned a string of awards whilst representing West Australia in acting, singing, and modeling. Enrolling in Nicholson’s Academy of Screen Acting in 2019, she went on to train with various accent coaches and mentors, and in 2021 was cast as the lead in her first Australian feature film, Darkest Age. Shortly after wrapping, she moved across the country solo to Sydney NSW to further pursue her craft, only to land almost immediately in 6 months of lockdown. She used that time alone to write, read, study emotion, and delve into the creative realm. The week restrictions lifted, she booked the leading role in the US Feature Film 1 Million Followers, and has since been traveling the world solo.





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